Black Boy Alley (off Thames Street)

South out of Thames Street to the Thames, leading to Wood Wharf, near Peter’s Hill. In Queenhithe Ward (Leake, 1666-Boyle, 1799).

Site now occupied by wharves and warehouses, etc.

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  • My Immigrant Ancestor was James Ruggles, the Soldier of the Guard, who was arrested for beating and robbing John Church. How stupid he was to partake of the criminal acts being carried out during this time period, I am grateful that he received a reprieve and sent to America. James is my maternal Grandmother’s 3rd Great Grandfather. We are conducting Y-DNA tests on our Ruggles line in order to find out more about our line and James’ Paternal Ancestors. As of Jan 2019, Our Ruggles males Y-DNA Haplogroup has lead his paternal origins to the Basque Region of Spain, which explains my Rh Negative blood.

  • I too am almost certainly a descendant of this James Ruggles. He is my 7th Great grandfather. He is the 2nd great grandfather to my 4th great grandmother. Margaret Elizabeth Ruggles. Incidentally, Margaret’s sister Lucinda Night Ruggles who married William Cummings was part of the Steven F. Austin’s Old 300, first colonial contract with Mexican Texas.

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