Fleet Street – The Civic Authorities in the procession

6 breathtaking scenes from the state funeral of the Duke of Wellington, London 1852

Above: Fleet Street – The Civic Authorities in the procession

On 18 November 1852, The Duke of Wellington, was laid to rest in St Paul’s Cathedral. He died on 14 September, aged 83. Over a million lined the route of Wellington’s funeral cortege which ran through the City to St Paul’s.

The preparation of St Paul’s took six weeks. Scaffold-borne tiered seating increased its capacity to over 13,000 as the cathedral was festooned in black crepe. The service was delayed by an hour owing to the slow progress of the vast cortege through the streets of London. Eventually, the Duke’s coffin was lowered into the crypt of the cathedral where it remains to this day in a Cornish porphyry sarcophagus.

This image shows the incredible detail in the Illustrated London News illustrations.

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