Jonathan Creek episode guide

The Wrestler’s Tomb 1997
An exuberant artist is found dead at home. The only suspect is the artist’s wronged wife who was well aware of his affair with his model, but how could she have left her city office without her P.A. seeing her leave?

Jack in the Box 1997
After Maddy successfully campaigns to free a man she believes to have been wrongly imprisoned for murder, the elderly husband of the victim is found shot dead in his nuclear fall-out shelter.

The Reconstituted Corpse 1997
When Zola Zbzewski publishes her autobiography, her cosmetic surgeon and ex-lover is outraged by what she says about him and threatens to sue her. He is later shot dead at his home.

No Trace of Tracy 1997
A teenager girl who loves 1970s rock music goes to visit her idol. She is clearly seen entering his house but then vanishes.

The House of Monkeys 1997
A scientist is stabbed in the back with a Samurai sword. He is found in a locked room. Creek is called in to solve the problem

Danse Macabre 1998
After a well known horror writer is shot dead one night at her son-in-law’s house, her killer simply disappeared. As Jonathan is somewhat uninterested in the case, Maddy investigates for herself.

Time Waits for Norman 1998
A friend of Maddy’s asks her and Jonathan to discover what her husband has been up to after reliable independent witnesses place him on both sides of the Atlantic only minutes apart.

The Scented Room 1998
Jonathan and Maddy investigate the mysterious disappearance of a priceless painting from the home of Sylvester Le Fley and his wife Lady Theresa Cutler.

The Problem at Gallows Gate 1998
Adam’s sister Kitty thinks that she has witnessed a murder – A man is seen committing a murder, but he apparently killed himself three weeks previously.

Mother Redcap 1998
A judge at police protection is killed by a rapier blade to the heart after a brief struggle, but only his wife was in that room at the time.

Black Canary 1998
A retired female illusionist dies in mysterious circumstances. Maddy and Jonathan are called upon to investigate.

The Curious Tale of Mr Spearfish 1999
Surviving two bullets to the chest, finding priceless treasures in the garden and a murderer falling at his feet could this be the work of the devil or something to do with his brown eyed girl?

The Eyes of Tiresias 1999
When an old woman experiences dreams of the future, Jonathan must find out what is happening before her dreams of being attacked by a one-eyed man with a sword come to pass.

The Omega Man 1999
Maddy is contacted by a man who makes a living investigating the existence of aliens and who claims to have found a real alien skeleton.

Ghost’s Forge 1999
Ghosts Forge or Ghost’s Forge, does the apostrophe really make a difference. This plus five copies of the same book lead Jonathan to discover who “Killed” Esra Carr.

Miracle in Crooked Lane 1999
A former glamors model is seriously injured when her garden shed explodes, leaving her badly burned. However, a witness insists she spoke to the unharmed woman several hours later as she went to church.

The Three Gamblers 2000
How did a dead body crawl up the stairs? That is the question Jonathan has to answer to stop a man going insane.

Satan’s Chimney 2001
A killer manages to fire a bullet through a plate glass window without breaking it, but how?

The Coonskin Cap 2003
Jonathan and Carla investigate a serial killer who wears a Davy Crockett hat and strangles people named after flowers.

Angel Hair 2003
Without using wigs or doubles, How can a girl have her shoulder-length hair cut off and miraculously grow it all back in just 48 hours? Jonathon and Carla investigate.

The Tailor’s Dummy 2003
There seems to be no doubt that legendary fashion designer Marco Bergman committed suicide. But Jonathan thinks he was murdered.

The Seer of the Sands 2004
A man dedicated to exposing the so-called spirit world dies in a boating accident. Then his body disappears.

The Chequered Box 2004
A respected police officer is photographed in suspicious circumstances. Can Jonathan prove his innocence?

Gorgons Wood 2004
A priceless porcelain statue of the ancient Shinto monk Sikoto-no vanishes from a small town museum under impossible circumstances.

The Grinning Man 2009
Stage musician Lance Gessler lives in a mansion known as Metropolis that has a deadly history. When another victim succumbs to an ominous presence in the attic room, it’s up the Jonathan to unravel the mystery.

The Judas Tree 2010
When the beautiful Emily Somerton is recruited to work as an assistant housekeeper to famous crime writer Hugo Doré, she discovers the premises are home to a bizarre, unsolved Victorian murder mystery.

The Clue of the Savant’s Thumb 2013
Joey Ross draws Jonathan into a complex case involving a secret society, seemingly supernatural events at a girls’ boarding school, and the miraculous disappearance of a body.

The Letters of Septimus Noone 2014
When a classic locked room novel is turned into a West End musical, one of its stars falls victim to a real-life ‘impossible crime’.

The Sinner and the Sandman 2014
A retired local psychic inadvertently makes the most amazing and impossible prediction of his career.

The Curse of the Bronze Lamp 2014
A wealthy kidnap victim appears to pull off a mind-boggling act of teleportation to alert the police to her whereabouts.

Daemons’ Roost 2016
The stepdaughter of horror film director Nathan Clore contacts Jonathan to help her find the answer to the mysterious deaths of her mother and two sisters years earlier.

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